History of the place

Arthur's PUB U Kazdů

It’s not a coincidence that we chose the heritage house called “U Kazdů”.
Is there a better place to pay tribute to Irish traditions than a house with such a rich history?

This tenement with land registry number 176 was originally built in 1836. Then it was reconstructed by Mr. Kazda, an architect. As a result, the place got new attic space, a ground floor Pilsner restaurant, a pub, a dance hall, and later the first chicken grill in Prague. During the period of the First Republic, the house became popular with artists, bohemians, and snobs from Prague.

However, the totalitarian regime caused severe damage to the house, which was repaired within the complete reconstruction and modernisation between 2011 and 2015. In addition, a completely new duplex apartment in the attic and an entrance from the inner courtyard of the 3rd floor were built based on the design of an architect Mr. Škůrek.

Nowadays, the entire listed building at Křižíkova 27 can boast its fame and comfy services as it used to in the past. It’s symbolically named after Antonín Kazda, its former owner. The “U Kazdů” house is part of the urban conservation zone, where it’s considered one of the most beautiful and popular houses for living or business. Now it’s home to our little Ireland in Prague.

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